Big FIrm Roots, Dedicated to entrepreneurs

Making a big difference for small business & non profits

We want to make a big difference in small businesses. We built our reputation as CPA's in Big 4 Accounting firms, but we longed to do something for the family businesses we were surrounded by - so we shifted our lives and families, and built Diwan Accounting.

Our Story

I've been a CPA working in big 4 firms, and some of the largest and most successful technology companies in America, before starting Diwan Accounting.

Our mission is to empower smaller organizations that have the need for high caliber professional accounting, but don't necessarily have the budget.

We're based out of East Side Seattle and love helping both small businesses and non-profits.

Whether you're a school, physician, car dealership or construction company, you'll experience a commitment to making sure your financials are kept to perfection, your team has the financial perspective to make decisions, and that you've done everything possible to mitigate taxes.

I look forward to connecting, and we're honored to have you.

statistical information

Average Taxes Saved Each Year


Annual Staff Hours Saved


Value of Staff Hours Saved Each Year at $25/hr


Opportunity Cost of Taxes Saved at 8% over 30 years


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