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We'll develop an effective strategy to dramatically lower your business taxes and build tax efficient wealth over the long haul.

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Seattle Based Small Business Tax Planning

Small businesses that get pro-active, year-round tax planning keep significantly more of their profits.

We're your Outsourced Accountant, not reactive tax firm.

Our firm is built around the concept of providing year-round, pro-active tax planning, bookkeeping and advisory services to go along with the small business tax prep.

The result of our outsourced accounting service is that we can help you do everything possible to reduce your business and personal tax liability each year, as well as help you build tax-efficient wealth.

Typical Reactive Accountants vs. Pro-active Tax Planning

Small businesses can only reduce their taxes if they make changes before the end of the year.

The problem is that most small businesses wait until the year is over to begin the conversation with their accountant.

Too often small businesses don't get the strategic advice and tactical implementation they deserve. The most effective tax mitigation strategies involve pro-actively shifting income and investment to align with tax code that also aligns with your operations.

In other words, Tax Planning must be done before year end.

Tax Estimates & Avoiding Surprises

Besides helping create a tax mitigation strategy that fits your business, we'll also help you pay in your taxes throughout the year according to your profitability and our tax plan.

We'll help ensure you don't have an unexpected tax bill at the end of the year, or overpay to induce a tax refund.

We'll help you end the year without owing the IRS or getting a refund back.

Cash Flow & Long-Term Tax Efficiency

Last, our tax plan will help you take control of your cash flow and profits, and apply them toward long term wealth building strategies that are also tax efficient.

We'll help you maximize the appropriate business entity, utilize retirement and fringe benefits, take advantage of depreciation and bonus depreciation, all while ensuring your cash flow is adequate.

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Not your typical Accountant

Don't settle for rushed, year-end tax tips.  Diwan provides year-round, pro-active guidance and planning to help your business thrive.

Physicians & Doctors

Whether you're an individual doctor or physician, or if you're a small practice, we will keep you lean, profitable and focused with accounting, payroll, tax planning and tax prep specialized for the medical field.

Car Dealerships

If you're a car dealership of any sort, we'll help you tackle the unique tax and accounting problems you face from excise taxes to annual taxes.

Real Estate Agents & Brokerages

Accounting for Real Estate Agents and Brokerages empowers Realtors to focus on their business while experiencing lower taxes & higher levels of financial stability.

Non Profits

Get professional accounting with a non-profit budget. Our outsourced accounting for non-profits allows for low costs but high levels of accuracy, controls and operational excellence.  Your board will love working with us!

Seattle Local Small Business

Always up to date, always done to perfection.

Contractors & Home Services

You’ll have a dedicated accountant keeping your bookkeeping and accounting in pristine condition.
Always up to date, always done to perfection.

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5 Tax Reduction Hacks for 

Read this quick & helpful guide to better understand how East Side businesses can reduce their taxes by tens of thousands each year.

Free Quick Guide

5 Tax Reduction Strategies

Seattle & Washington Tax Reduction Tips:

Independent Contractors

If you're a 1099 contractor in Seattle, this is for you.

Small Business Owners

Bellvue, Seattle, Newcastle, Sammamish and Redmond business owners will benefit.

LLC vs. S-Corp

Discover the power of each business entity for East Side entrepreneurs.


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We're trying to help our local Seattle small business and non profits with information and tips to reduce your taxes and improve your organization.